Saddle Club Books

by Bonnie Bryant



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Book #1 - Horse Crazy

Twelve-year-old Carole Hanson and Stevie Lake have been best friends ever since they met at Pine Hollow stables. So when thirteen-year-old Lisa Atwood shows up for her first lesson dressed in fancy riding gear - and acting chummy with the snobbiest girl in town - the girls aren't sure she'll fit in. But Lisa soon shows herself to be a quick learner, and Carole and Stevie can't help but admire her natural riding talants. Soon the three girls are fast friends.

Over sundaes at their favourite ice cream shop, the girls began to make plans for the MTO, the long-awaited Mountain Trail Overnight campout for the students of Pine Hollow. There's just one problem: Stevie's parents won't pay for it unless she improves her grades. There's no way Stevie will miss out on this wonderful trip with her friends, so she decides to start her own business - with a little help from a surprising source!

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